In the vast expanse of the Star Citizen universe, where the boundaries of civilization stretch across countless star systems, the Aid and Intervention Beacon System (A.I.B.S) emerges as a beacon of hope and assistance for those navigating the depths of space. Developed as a revolutionary application for the ubiquitous MobiGlas device, A.I.B.S represents a paradigm shift in emergency response and cooperative aid efforts among Responders.Functionality:A.I.B.S serves as a multifaceted emergency coordination platform, seamlessly integrated into the user's MobiGlas interface. Through its intuitive design and robust features, A.I.B.S empowers users to swiftly summon assistance and coordinate aid in times of distress.Key Features:Distress Signal Broadcasting: With a few taps on their MobiGlas, users can activate A.I.B.S to broadcast distress signals to nearby players and organizations. These signals alert potential responders to the user's location and the nature of their emergency, whether it be medical assistance, refueling, or security.Real-Time Location Tracking: Leveraging advanced navigational algorithms and sensor data, A.I.B.S provides precise real-time tracking of the user's location within the vastness of space. This ensures that responders can quickly and accurately navigate to the aid-seeker's position.Interactive Coordination Interface: A.I.B.S features an interactive coordination interface accessible to responders, enabling them to view active distress signals, assess the urgency of each situation, and collaborate with other responders to provide efficient and effective aid.Privacy Protection: Recognizing the importance of user privacy and security, A.I.B.S employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Personal data is shared only with authorized responders, ensuring confidentiality and trust in aid-seeking.Community Impact:Since its inception, A.I.B.S has fostered a sense of solidarity and mutual assistance within the Star Citizen community. Pilots and organizations alike rally behind the A.I.B.S initiative, proudly displaying their commitment to aiding fellow travelers in times of need. Whether embarking on perilous journeys through uncharted territories or engaging in daring rescue missions, A.I.B.S serves as a testament to the power of cooperation and compassion in the vast reaches of space.Future Vision:As technology evolves and the boundaries of exploration expand, A.I.B.S remains dedicated to pushing the frontier of emergency response capabilities. Continued research and development efforts aim to enhance A.I.B.S with new features, such as automated distress signal analysis, predictive emergency response algorithms, and integration with emerging technologies. With each advancement, A.I.B.S reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of all who traverse the stars.

List of Commands for AIBS- /333 = This is the standard request command think of it as 911. upon running the command you will fill out some quick information. (SC Handle, Combat zone (options), Nearest planet (options), Request type (options), extra information.- /risklist = This will send a forum to add people or orgs to our risk list that is accessible by anyone.- /join-comm-hub = This will add whatever channel you choose to be linked to a joint channel. This allows cross-communication between other servers who have this set up.- AIBS Risk List (no / needed caps do not matter as long as you type this out) It will give a current list of all orgs and individules with a risk rating of Yellow, Red, and Black. To get more information we recommend copying the entire name of the person (including CITIZEN: and ORG: it is probably best to copy the whole line) and posting that will return more information on their profile.